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Chemistry Form 4 Notes – Introduction to Chemistry

Salam...jom belajar kimia. Kita mula dengan intro....Dalam bab ini, hanya pengenalan asas sahaja. Kebanyakkan konsep telah anda pelajari semasa PMR...Lets start...
Chemistry and Its Importance

Chemistry – earlier study of alchemy (an art of transforming common metals to precious metals, usually lead to gold but to no success) (alchemy has since been proven to be a wrong and currently dead branch of science)
Chemistry – is the study of the composition, structure, properties and interactions of matter.
Founder of Modern Chemistry (try and read up on the history of these two great men)

  1. Robert Boyle (1627-1691) – performed controlled experiments and published his work with elaborate details such as procedure, apparatus and observations.
  2. Antoine Lavoisier (1743-1794) – developed the Law of Conservation of Mass and the theory of combustion.
Scientific Method
  1. Making Observation
  2. Making Inference (smart guess)
  3. Identifying the Problem
  4. Making a Hypothesis
  5. Identifying the Variables
  6. Controlling the Variables
  7. Planning an Experiment
  8. Collecting Data
  9. Interpreting Data
  10. Making a Conclusion
  11. Writing a Report
If you observe all 11 steps, you will be a young scientist in the making. Try to enjoy the process of learning chemistry. Bab ini tidak diberi penekanan, hanya intro je. sudah bersedia utk belajar kimia??jom........

Continue on Chapter 2...


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